"Lypsinka! The Boxed Set" has been a surprise hit in New York. Stephen Sondheim and Harold Prince both came backstage, to my amazement, and said they found the show "dazzling." Arthur Laurents (the book writer of "Gypsy" and "West Side Story") and Mike Nichols have also seen the show and paid exciting backstage visits. Somehow I didn't have my camera ready when Bea Arthur and Bruce Weber were there, but I did manage to nab a few fun Official Celebrities of the Past Millennium.

Mel Brooks suggested that we all sing for the camera when he and the goddess/wife Anne Bancroft were in my dressing room.

Author Tom Beller (www.mrbellersneighborhood.com) and his girlfriend (and my fellow native Mississippian) Parker Posey

If Joan had said, "Who are you wearing?" the answer would have been, "Matsuda!"

Is Manolo Blahnik wiping away a tear of joy? Or FEAR?!

With old pals from my days at American Ballet Theatre: Lise Rinehart and Mikhail Baryshnikov. (I call him "Misha!")

Naughty Mattie and Sweet Sarah

The staged CAGED! was a great success. Ernestine is easy to find, but can you spot Blaine Trump, Wallace Shawn, Marga Gomez, Lorna Luft, Joan Rivers, Deborah Norville, John Kelly, Reno, Isabella Rossellini, Charles Busch and Carole Shelley? I, Lypsinka, played ex-stripper Kitty Starr, fresh from solitary. Hence, the limp wig and bags under my eyes.

Exuding glamour earlier in the evening, Lily and I posed for the paparazzi.

An amazing cast of kooks: left to right are Jeff Whitty, Richard Move (as Martha Graham), Lorna Luft, moi, Carole Shelley and Brenda Bergman's bosom.

Palling around with Lily in our dressing room. Lily, watch that right hand!

What Becomes a Legend Most?

early 2000 antics

me and my infamous friends

fashion, fun and fanatacism

Chillin' with Puff Lyppy

Lypsinka and Faye Dunaway tete-a-tete at the 25th anniversary screening of "Chinatown".

At the premiere screening of "Scandalous Me: The Jacqueline Susann Story."