There's been so much excitement, and there are so many photos, I can only leak them out to you a little bit at a time and I'm going to attempt to present them in chronological order. First there was Isabella Rossellini's ultra-chic Hollywood party for her makeup line, Manifesto.

Here I am with Isabella and her "Blue Velvet" co-star Kyle MacLachlan. Notice where his left hand is ladies and... uh... gentlemen.

My pal Lisa Marie and her new blonde-ness.

Former David Bowie groupie Cherry Vanilla, Isabella, Kyle, glamazon Julie Newmar (we wear the same size) and Lisa Marie.

One of my prized possessions: a snapshot with super-glamorous Gina "Showgirls" Gershon! Gina is very nice and easy to talk with. Seeing Gina and Kyle, her "Showgirls" co-star, chatting together "in the flesh" was especially thrilling because, to me, "Showgirls" is the "Valley of the Dolls" of the 90s! Notice where Gina's left hand is, gentlemen and... uh... ladies.

The cast of ding-a-lings (that's me as the pensive blonde leaning on studly Mark Gentsch) from the wildly successful encore presentation of TWEED Theatreworks' "Imitation of Imitation of Life."

With socialite/do-gooder/party girl Blaine Trump and Ding-A-Ling Emeritus Flotilla DeBarge after a performance of "Imitation of Imitation of Life."

What Becomes a Legend Most?

fashion, fun and fanatacism

Chillin' with Puff Lyppy

Lypsinka and Faye Dunaway tete-a-tete at the 25th anniversary screening of "Chinatown".

At the premiere screening of "Scandalous Me: The Jacqueline Susann Story."