Faye Dunaway and I came face to face at the 25th anniversary screening of the 1974 Roman Polanski masterpiece "Chinatown." The event was held at The Guild theater in Manhattan's Rockefeller Center. When Miss Dunaway arrived, glamorously late, the media feeding frenzy began. Designer Michael Kors and starlet Gretchen Mol were photographed with La Dunaway. Then came my turn. Miss Faye gave me a warm and excited greeting. (My maid, the meek and mild John Epperson met Faye in 1992 at the Doyle/Wilson on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.)

We were photographed together and while we were posing Faye said to me, "I'm so glad you didn't come disguised as Mrs. Mulwray." (Mrs. Mulwray is the name of Faye's character in "Chinatown.")

One of the paparazzi yelled out, "Mommie Dearest!!" I am told that Faye showed no expression when this major faux pas occurred. After all, there are no two words Faye hates more than "Mommie Dearest," the name of the movie which she thinks ruined her career for awhile.

I wasn't looking at Faye when this gaffe took place, but I thought, "Lypsinka, honey, you better think of a way to deflect this moment quickly or Miss Faye Woman is going to blow!" So I said, "Umm...er...I thought about coming as Mrs. Mulwray but I would have to shave my eyebrows!"

Faye gave me a sidelong glance and said drolly, "Yes, you would." Wow!!

We told each other how good it was to see the other and our moment was over. I am still high from it!!

Faye, you are a goddess, the last great star of Hollywood, and your performance in "Mommie Dearest" is on of the most brilliant, operatic and experimental feats I've ever witnessed. Bravo!!



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