Updated January 2007

I recently helped launch the spring 2007 collection for MAC Cosmetics.  The collection is entirely centered around the Barbie doll by Mattel.  The event was held at The Beverly Hilton, and 8 male dancers and 8 female models and I did a production number on the stage in the International Ballroom where the Golden Globe awards ceremony takes place. 

It was easier for me to stay at The Beverly Hilton than my usual Silverlake hideaway.  Here’s my view of glamorous Beverly Hills from my hotel room balcony.

Backstage with Chris Michael Jones, one of the dancers, and Devanand Janki, the choreographer.

Lucian Piane, the arranger, and his sister Denise, the choreographer’s assistant.

Dancer Ryan Adams.

All the boys in the show:   standing from left to right Cassidy Noblett, Jeremy Hudson, Ryan Adams, Karl Warden, Chris Michael Jones and Alex Estornel.  Seated are Dant’e (left) and Nathan Kim.

Ryan and I sat in a little house after the show and all the MAC crowd, in their black outfits, gawked at and objectified us.  I was terribly amused.

Another shot of the Barbie House.

In my dressing room silhouetted against The Beverly Hilton swimming pool!

And in my sneakers.

After the MAC job, I spent a few days at my glamourously decaying Silverlake hideaway. 

I just love Los Angeles!  It’s so glamorous and mysterious.  Here’s the view from my glamorously crumbling home.

Here’s the stairs my 3rd husband threw me down…

… when he decided I was seeing too much of my favorite masseur…

…who lived in this nearby cottage that I just happen to own.


It’s a fine example of quirky Silverlake architecture, along with this small compound, which, of course, I also own…

…and is occupied by my Asian masseur.

(photo by Ruedi Hoffman)

When at my glamorously rotting Silverlake hideaway, I go for a long walk each morning around the Silverlake reservoir…

…with my trainer who also teaches me target practice.

Back in New York, I found these photos from recent events:

Standing in front of my own photo at the GAP Individuals book party.

And Faye Dunaway’s photo at the same soiree.

Genre magazine’s Sean Krebs and myself in front of the larger photo of guess who?

Two well-dressed kooks at the MAO Mag Fashion Week party last September.

Larissa, Ruben Toledo and Larissa’s brother honor MAO Mag with their presence.

April Palmieri, the beloved and recently deceased Craig Vandenburgh (aka Tony Zaar) and Mauricio from MAO.

I snapped these MAC models in the lobby of The Beverly Hilton on the day I checked out.  As you may imagine, even the jaded seen-it-all hotel employees were all a-twitter.

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