One of my lots in life is that I’m a film addict.  I can sit through a lot of trashy movies, just because I think I need to know about all kinds of film.  I can’t explain this fixation.  Actually it isn’t a curse.  I truly enjoy it.  I was going through some of my collection of movie stills from my oddball collection and thought you might also be interested in the obscure and inane.

Just how much makeup does Cicely Tyson have on in this photo from the failed fantasy “The Bluebird?”  Not to mention her cat’s eye contact lenses.  (Whenever I see Cicely Tyson I think of a glamorous black transvestite in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1970s who called herself Cicely Manchester, no doubt a combo of Tyson and 70s pop queen Melissa Manchester.)

Doris Day encounters hunky Richard Harris in “Caprice,” a movie about spies and cosmetics!

Oh, how Carroll Baker suffers and suffers in the bio-pic “Harlow.”  I wish I could see the Carol Lynley version of the same story made at the same time!

Baker also starred in the oddity “Sylvia” along with humpy Greek god George Maharis.  That’s not Maharis on the left, but it is a man!  Incidentally, the title song from “Sylvia” was used in John Waters’ “A Dirty Shame.”

I don’t know what this photo of Deborah Walley is from, but I loved her in “Gidget Goes Hawaiian!”

Who doesn’t love Late Period Lana Turner?  This is Lana and Anthony Quinn in a promotional still from her over-heated melodrama/suspense thriller “A Portrait In Black.” 

Haji in a violent moment from “Motor Psycho,” one of Russ Meyer’s few misfires.  Haji also appeared in “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls” and “Faster, Pussycat…Kill! Kill!” which were probably Meyer’s finest achievements.

In the 1960s, all fledgling homosexuals – male and female – adored Patty Duke, whether she was twins on TV, taking pills in “Valley of the Dolls,” trying to find herself in “Me, Natalie,” or in this movie as a rather butch track star named “Billie.”  Broadway queens, take note:  Donna McKechnie also appeared in “Billie” and choreographed a dance number!

A truly dreadful film from 1970 that I saw repeatedly, hoping to enjoy it as much as I liked “The Sound of Music.”  It’s the musical “Song of Norway” with Florence Henderson!  I think I saw this thing 3 times on the big screen.  I wish I could see it again!

The beloved Andree Melly in my favorite vampire movie – “The Brides of Dracula!”

A caricature of Andree.

Going through my stills, I realize I have lots more photos of Joan Crawford, Judy Garland, Jayne Mansfield and Susan Hayward.  So check back for future updates.

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