Marvelously talented, super-glamorous Dolores Gray passed away on June 26, 2002. I adored her. She was one of the greatest influences on my life. I hope she will always be remembered and loved. My previous Dolores page has been the most popular section of Now that The Fantabulous Dolores has moved on, it's time to do another tribute.

This seems to be a photo of Dolores in "Annie Get Your Gun," although it may not be the late 1940s London production. Dolores' profile was different before she went Hollywood. She played Annie in summer stock after she famously starred in the show in the U.K.

And speaking of Hollywood, what can be more Hollywood than this? Notice that Dolores' last name is misspelled on the clapboard.

Here is La Gray in her most memorable screen role as Madeline, the unctuous TV hostess in "It's Always Fair Weather."

In 1954 Dolores won the Tony for Best Actress in a Musical. Here she is with Audrey Hepburn and Jo Van Fleet. The musical that Dolores starred in was "Carnival in Flanders." It was not a success, which could explain why Dolores has a tan!

Dolores was very candid and her conversation was peppered with a few choice words. When John Epperson visited her at her home he brought his own macrobiotic food. Dolores abruptly asked, "What is that glop? G-L-O-P, glop!" When Epperson replied that it was a soy product that tasted like turkey, Diva Gray announced, "Bullshit! It has to be turkey to taste like turkey!"

Dolores had it all: sophisticated acting talent, large facial features perfect for the stage, beautiful hair, a mesmerizing singing voice and a va-va-voom body!

Here are two publicity photos that seem to have been snapped in the 1970s.

Reach for the heavens, Dolores! You deserve it. We will always miss you.

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