When my maid, John Epperson, was a little boy, he didn't play with G.I. Joe dolls; he played with his sisters' Barbies. And he didn't read superhero comic books, he read "Millie The Model." The adventures of Millie Collins, her photographer boyfriend Clicker, her boss Mr. Hanover, gal pal Toni Turner and Millie's rival, the redhead minx known as Chili Storm, were so thrilling to little Johnny, that he wrote the book, music and lyrics for a 1986 musical called "Dial 'M' For Model," based on his Millie fascination. I, Lypsinka, starred as titian-haired Mannequin St. Claire (the character inspired by Chili) and the show was produced originally at the legendary Pyramid Club and later at LaMaMa E.T.C.

Now, my maid and I want to share with you some of the colorful, silly pages and covers from Epperson's Millie collection. If you are also a Millie fan, keep watch on eBay, because my hideous maid has duplicate copies of some of these issues that he might want to sell! Millie is Glamour-a-Go-Go!


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