In the summer of 1994 I performed at The Edinburgh Festival in Scotland. While in London that spring I posed for a series of photographs to promote the upcoming event. This saucy shot was taken by the dreamy Hugo Glendinning. The little dog was adorable and the kooky kilt was by the genius Vivienne Westwood. If you ever wondered what you might look like as a Scottish blood-sucking fashion model, it might be something like this!

Hollywood can be the loneliest, dreariest place in the world if you're unemployed and/or don't know the right people. When I started performing there in 1990, a whole new world opened up to me. I suddenly found myself at the most amazing parties you can imagine. Here are some shots from one of those parties...

At Andy Kuehn's 1993 birthday party for former Halston and Warhol acolyte Pat Ast, clockwise from top left: yours truly, Andy Kuehn, Pat herself, the late and super-glamorous Anita Morris, and Anita's great dancer husband Grover "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" Dale.

Bud Cort, the star of "Harold and Maude," and an olive.

The hilarious Bruce Vilanch, writer of the new Hollywood Squares and star of the film "Get Bruce!"

Photographer Greg Gorman, who just earlier that day had shot me for an L.A. Eyeworks advertisement.

We had all been sitting around Andy's pool in the semi-darkness at the beginning
of the party. When I arrived with a friend, introductions were made all around. I already
knew Pat and Bruce and I instantly recognized Anita and Grover, but "Paula" made no
impression---at first. Then, 20 minutes later, I exclaimed, "Oh, my God! You're Paula
Prentiss!!" This is a very happy Lypsinka with one of my idols, the brilliant Paula Prentiss.

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