All of my ex-boyfriends are beautiful inside and out, but Jeff Richards is extra special. Just look at that smile in 4 of the pictures below! The 5th picture makes ME smile. Jeff and I starred together in "The Golden Moment," "Forbidden Dawn," "The Forbidden Moment," "Golden Dawn" and "Have Record, Will Lip-Synch!" Oh, Jeff, where are you now?!


At some point in the 1960s it was finally okay to show an actor's navel. Here's Jeff on the left with his arm around Ann Magnuson (forgive me, Ann) and that's John Smith with his equally masculine appendage circling Gina Lollapalooza. The movie is called "Island of Lost Women!"

I was recently rummaging through my attic at my home in Sun Valley and came across more photos of my dreamy ex, Clint Walker. Yes, it's true he played Lucy's boyfriend on TV, but in real life he was mine!

Clint Walker photos courtesy Baby Jane of Hollywood

Night of the Grizzly Boyfriend

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