Antony Hamilton’s early career was as a not-wildly-talented, but beautiful, ballet dancer with The Australian Ballet. 

In New York in the 1970s he found work as a fashion model.  Some models make a living simply modeling hands, or hair.  Anthony could have modeled his chin dimple.

Here are some of his classier fashion shots.

A guy has to make a living.  Here’s Antony in some clothes that verge on tacky, made by a forgotten company that seemed to want to be the next International Male.  If memory serves, these photos were part of an insert in an issue of long-lamented After Dark Magazine.

The dark-haired model is the equally dashing Richard Loretta.  We’re not sure what happened to the handsome Mr. Loretta (after he started a small spa in NYC), but Tony Baby went on to become a television star.  He played Samson in a TV movie about Big Sam and Delilah.  He also replaced Jon Eric Hexum in the series “Cover Up.”

RIP, Antony.  Last time I saw you was in Peter’s Cleaner’s on Santa Monica Boulevard.  We never got to make that movie version of “The Whore Of Babylon” we always talked about!

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