While devoting a whole page to my new pal Mamie Van Doren in the My Fave Things section in the menu on the left, it occurred to me I should also pay tribute to her co-star in the 1950s teen workhouse movie "Untamed Youth," the magnificently square-jawed John Russell, who was the leading man in MY teen exploitation movie "Pubescent Prostitute" (it was a slow year). .

John was the villain of Mamie's "Untamed Youth," but in reality he was a sweetheart. Here he looks dashing in his white suit with the Mamie-devouring hounds.

Below, giving orders to my good friend Janie Clarkson and her dance partner in "Forbidden Dawn," also starring femme fatale Alexis Del Lago. (We just sort of made that up! Can anyone identify the real actors and the movie?)

A very young-looking John Russell (1949) gazing at June Havoc (Gypsy Rose Lee's sister) in the prison film "The Story of Molly X." It shoulda been me! (Credits for this photo ARE real!)

We wait patiently for Warner Bros. or ABC or whomever to put out the divine John Russell's TV series "The Lawman" on DVD!


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