I don't know why I have so many pictures of me with men who wear women's
clothes. It must be something about my fizzy personality that draws them in.
Here are some photos sharing these precious moments.

Here I am at Night of a Thousand Clowns -- I mean, Gowns! -- with the
dazzling Connie Green from Greenwich, CT.

Photo by Aaron Cobbett

On a promotional flyer for "Lypsinka IS Harriet Craig!" with Varla Jean
Merman. (Pssst: occasionally we post some of these flyers on eBay.)

Okay, so maybe they're not drag stars...but don't tell them! The supermodel
of the century Peggy Moffitt, my meek maid John Epperson, and the vivacious
Jane Whithers, a.k.a. Josephine the plumber!

With several members of a football team and the nutty Lady Bunny at Wigstock

For some reason I also find myself in photos with handsome men. What's that

Dreamy Larry Bullock deigned to undress for a Xmas 2000 photo shoot.

All dressed up with nowhere to go but down. This was fun! A Valentino photo
shoot for Esquire, 1992.

With handsome, talented Broadway actor Bryan Batt after a reading of
"Legends!" in the Hamptons. We will work together again some day!

Early Lypsinka

Dare to look at these!

more glamorous photos from my naughty, naughty life