Shhhh! Don't tell anyone, but 2002 is the 20th anniversary of the creation of Lypsinka. Will there be a big celebration or will Lypsinka pull a Garbo and retreat into seclusion and (more) neuroses? Who knows? In the meantime, here are some precious glimpses into Lypsinka's colorful, forbidden past.

Lypsinka was almost born lip-synching on Christopher Street, Halloween, 1982. Steven Meisel was in the crowd and has 8-millimeter moving picture footage of Lypsinka on this night in storage. He says he will find it someday. (Be sure to check out "Mammy" in the background carrying the soundtrack album of "Gone With The Wind!") Photos by John Dominic Barbarino.

Lypsinka goes Bette (Davis, that is), sort of, in the basement of the legendary Pyramid Club, NYC, circa 1985. Photo by Clayton Patterson.

Think that Katharine Hepburn will eat her heart out when she sees this? Probably not. Lypsinka, circa 1985, seems to have listened to the original cast album of "Coco" one too many times.

A promotional card for a Lypsinka show in the East Village, circa 1988.


What the hell is this look, circa 1989? Pat Benatar receives an Oscar for the remake of "Female Trouble?" WHAT WAS LYPSINKA THINKING?! Photo by Albert Sanchez.

Two of Lypsinka's favorite photos, they are rare polaroids from 1993 for an Advocate shoot by Ruven Afanador.

Dare to look at these!

more glamorous photos from my naughty, naughty life