Gaze at these photos (by Kim T. Sharp) of the Off Broadway production of my play “My Deah.”
Lillie V. (Nancy Opel, right), My Deah Hedgepeth’s housekeeper and companion, taunts Gator (Maxwell Caulfield in white) as Governor Bullard and his daughter Simplicity (Peter Brouwer and Lori Gardner) look on.

My Deah (Nancy Opel in white) confronts her card-playing friends, the ersatz Greek chorus (Jay Rogers, Geoffrey Molloy and Kevin Townley).

My Deah and her two sons Skipper and Scooter (Molloy and Townley) poison Simplicity’s Chanel suit while Gator and Coach (Michael Hunsacker) watch innocently.

Simplicity dies in the baby stroller and her father loses his other hand!

Gator discovers that his wife My Deah (in red) has killed their senseless sons.

My Deah attempts a getaway from Jackson, Mississippi to New Orleans, in her automobile from Cowboy Maloney Used Cars.

Going through some old materials, I found these publicity shots (by Aaron Cobbett and James White) used to promoting “Lypsinka IS Harriet Craig!” in 1997 and 19978. The other charming ladies are Stephen Pell, Jay Rogers and Varla Jean Merman. The naked guys will appeal to all of you who like gratuitous photos of naked guys!

Spring 2006


Early Lypsinka

Dare to look at these!

more glamorous photos from my naughty, naughty life