From the spring “workshop” production of MY DEAH:

The Greek chorus of bridge-playing ladies meet The Coach.

They also must put up with My Deah’s shiftless housekeeper Lillie V.

And Lillie V. can’t keep her nose out of Gator’s relationship with Simplicity Bullard.

Simplicity receives the poisoned Chanel suit from My Deah as Gator and Coach gawk.

My Deah’s sons Skipper and Scooter get the fashion-modeling bug (apparently from a Sears catalog).

After she has brought down The House of Hedgepeth, My Deah declaims, “Here is The New Morality of The New South!”

A Twiggy-styled mannequin at the Adele Rootstein party.

The Pat Cleveland mannequin.

Dennis Christopher meets old friend Halston/Turbeville/Scavullo model Chris Royer.

Talented Ashlie Atkinson plays the diesel dyke named Muffler in ANOTHER GAY MOVIE.

Todd Stephens, writer/director of ANOTHER GAY MOVIE and Jess Adams, one of the producers, at the Tribece Film Festival premiere.

At the ANOTHER GAY MOVIE party, a cute boy whose name I don’t have, and Pretty Boy Dazzle, pose politely for my camera.


Early Lypsinka

Dare to look at these!

more glamorous photos from my naughty, naughty life