This 1991 Greg Gorman photograph is from my first fashion spread for Detour magazine. It was shot on an elaborate Pasadena estate while I was performing "I Could Go On Lip-Synching" at the Callboard Theater on Melrose Place (before there was TV show by the same name) in Los Angeles. The dress is by Galanos. Gloves by Bob Mackie. The eyebrows? Marks-a lot!!!

In 1992, the great (and extremely pleasant) photographer Albert Watson asked me to pose for a Gap ad. Needless to say, I was thrilled! I had posed for Albert before for American Vogue and Italian Vogue, but this was our first print advertisement.

The pink and black fishtail gown was originally designed by my late friend Anthony Wong for my Off Broadway show "I could Go On Lip-Synching!" When the show opened in Los Angeles, it was Bob Mackie's brilliant idea to cover it in pink lace. Do you think anyone even noticed the Gap denim jacket I am also wearing?

Flying in the face of political correctness, I eagerly agreed to pose for this shot for a fashion spread in the Italian magazine Io Donna. Okay, okay, okay---I know! It's got two elements that everyone just hates nowadays: cigarettes and fur. I hate cigarette smoke, too---probably more than anyone I know. But even I was able to endure the smoke to get this incredible shot. Photographed by GianPaolo Barbieri and cosmeticized by Billy B., I felt like a million dollars. Barbieri kept saying, "It's not strange enough," until we got this shot of myself draped in Fendi from head to toe and wearing jewels custom-made for me by my friend Robert Sorrell. When Barbieri got what he wanted he literally jumped up and down and clapped his hands. The editor said, "Karl will be thrilled." Karl who, I wonder?

As I was lying down on the couch for the shoot, Iman walked in to the room, for she too was featured in the spread. She announced, "There's not room for two of us here!" Dear, sweet Iman. She was sitting only three feet away from my head getting her own maquillage applied by Billy as this photo was taken. (She had walked in wearing no makeup at all.) When he finished with her, Billy asked me to take a look. I scrutinized her carefully and declared, "It is fabulous." Iman blithely retorted, "I'll do," and skipped off to wardrobe. Dear, sweet Iman!