Sifting through some of my photos, I discovered that, even though Bob Mackie has never built a costume for me, we have had a very nice association.

This dress, borrowed for a Michael Childers photo shoot, was originally made for Bea Arthur to wear on a TV variety show, sending up the Cher TIME Magazine cover. I love that Bea and I wear the same size!

Also from the Michael Childer's shoot, Bob's Latin-inspired outfit left little to hide. Did I say LITTLE?

Michael decided we should take some photos on Hollywood Boulevard near his studio in this Mackie pouf creation. When a tour bus pulled up next to us, the tour guide inside took advantage of the situation and pointed out to his customers that real Hollywood glamour was happening before their very eyes. The bus almost turned over as they all jumped to the curb side of the bus with THEIR cameras!

Greg Gorman took this shot in Pasadena, 1991. Gloves by Mackie; Body by Jake.

Dripping in Mackie feathers and jewels, courtesy of photographer Albert Sanchez.

Albert says the expression on my face here is "cruelty orgasm!"

Me and Bob, Winter 2000, New York City. THANK YOU, BOB!


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