Here are a few fun short-attention-span fashion moments.

Backstage at the Matsuda show with a cutie.

With Jan, Bob Mackie's favorite model.

A dinner party with Karl Lagerfeld in his Paris apartment.

Draped in Calvin Klein for Allure magazine. Polaroid by Reudi Hoffman. The
dreamy model was very nice. Where is he now?

Lurking backstage at the Thierry Mugler show.

With the bookshelf known as Brigitte Neilsen and fun gal Sandra Bernhard a
la Mugler.

No, it's not The Lyp. It's Joan Crawford enduring a wardrobe test for
"Torch Song!"

Interview with Lypsinka

read a 1992 interview with the fabulous Lypsinka!

Taken from

"Incredibly Strange Music, Volume 1"

published by V/Search Publications


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