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The Fabulous Lypsinka's Fabulous Promotional Tape

If you can't see the above video in your country, try it here. The audio/video synchronization is not as spot-on in this secondary version, and obvously synchronization is very important to LypSINKa!

'Lypsinka! The Boxed Set' live stage show - a sampler

Lypsinka's "The Passion of the Crawford" sizzle reel

You can see the Vimeo version of the Passion of the Crawford here.

Lypsinka Has A Glamour Fit

Lypsinka Gets Auntie Maimed

The Legendary Lypsinka to Perform in the Bergdorf Goodman Windows for Fashion's Night Out 9/8

Interview in Dirty Magazine


JOHN EPPERSON: It was busy! I've been very busy getting ready for my Fashion's Night Out performance at Bergdorf Goodman.


JE: Well, if I get excited then I won't sleep!


JE: I've known for a while that this event was going to take place, and they requested a 10 minute performance. I usually work to a recording, and I was trying to think what recording I had that was already made and 10 minutes long, and was appropriate for performing in such a small spaceā€¦ And the only one I could think of wasn't appropriate! So when I was on vacation in Vermont this summer, driving around in the car listening to CDs, I heard something by a singer that I like a lot, named Marilyn Maye. There were a couple of songs on that CD that I thought would be good, and so I made a new recording using two of her songs, but they are, to use the popular term, deconstructed. I rarely ever do anything straight through. But I won't tell you any more than that!

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"Wit and style?" "Hilarity?" "Glamour?" "Panache?" "A Laugh-Filled Trip To the Moon?" or "Epic Lameness?"

Come see James Kirkwood's "Legends!" and decide for yourself! Now through July 4. See below for press articles and reviews of Lypsinka and James Lecesne in "LEGENDS!"

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Come to the show, and you be the judge! Lypsinka loves a controversy! (Or, as Joan Collins would pronounce it: kahn-TRAH-vuh-see.)

The new version of the play includes updates, additions, deletions, musical numbers, all "edited by" John Epperson, Lypsinka's maid. Click here for tickets and more info.


James Lecesne as Sylvia Glenn, Lypsinka as Leatrice Monsee and Roz White as Aretha, have just uncovered some surprising news.

Sylvia and Leatrice discuss The New Hollywood -- disparagingly, of course.

Leatice in one of her "sweet" modes.

Conniving Sylvia cooking up some dirt on the phone.

Surprise guest Boom-Boom Johnson (Leo Christopher Sheridan) attempts to break down Leatrice's inhibitions.

© Studio Theatre. Photos: Scott Suchman.

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My DeahWe're pleased to announce the play MY DEAH is published and available for purchase from Samuel French. Click here to get yours. We'd love to hear what you think of it.

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Coming soon: The Goddess of ShowBiz tells you how to make it in the world of entertainment!

Ever wished you could get into Lypsinka's record collection? Now you can! Click here to hear a 3-hour radio show from the archives of WFMU.org co-hosted by Lypsinka and featuring lots of goodies from her private, eclectic storehouse of incredibly strange music. You can even hear an excerpt from Lypsinka's highly-acclaimed show "As I Lay Lip-synching!" You will need to have Real Player to listen to the archive. Have fun!


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