CHILDREN, TOO! (7 years and over)

Have you ever thought about taking piano lessons and thought it

would be too difficult? Too daunting? Let me guide you gently through the process.

A little about me: I have a Bachelor of Music degree. I played Natalie Portman’s rehearsal pianist in the Academy Award film BLACK SWAN. I have worked off and on as a professional pianist since 1973 (mostly at American Ballet Theatre). The student’s time will be fun and educational.

The lesson is not just about playing the piano. It is also about learning music theory (how to read music) and, related to that, playing such things as scales and arpeggios and chords. I recommend the student practice 20 minutes a day between lessons in order to improve. Weekly lessons are advised. (Simple homework will be suggested.)

I realize the student may not be looking to become a professional musician. Some students are happy enough that their aim is to be able to play show tunes and popular songs. That’s fine!

A piano course book or two will need to be purchased. They can easily be found online.

A spiral-bound music manuscript book is also something a student will need. The student may also want to invest in a metronome.

The lesson is taught via video online. For now I am set up for Facebook Video Chat, Zoom and Skype. (I cannot do FaceTime.) I can also try and do Google Duo, which is the Google version of FaceTime and Google Meet which is the Google version of Zoom.

The student will need a piano or electric keyboard, and will need a music stand.

If the student is advanced (not a beginner) I need to know that ahead of time.

Just as if you had to cancel a doctor’s appointment, I ask that you give

me 24 hours notice before cancelling. Time is important.

Please ask any questions. I can easily send a more detailed document if there is interest!


John Epperson