Updated December 2006

Here’s a rundown of some of the events in my life during 2006

One of the high points of the year certainly was the spring “workshop” production of my play MY DEAH.

Here My Deah Hedgepeth (Nancy Opel) confronts two of her bridge-playing buddies, Jay Rogers (in pink) and Kevin Townley.

As the slatternly housekeeper Lillie V., Nancy Opel argues with Coach Billy Joe (Michael Hunsaker).

But Coach has other things on his mind, like the two boys (Townley again and Geoffrey Molloy) to whom he teaches football, and his old crush, their father Gator Hedpeth (Bryan Batt).

My Deah has her hands full with the one-armed governor of Mississippi (Todd Butera)…

…and remembers the “colored lights” with Gator.

The Governor’s daughter, Simplicity (Lori Gardner) also has to endure Lillie V.

Some of the cast and crew of the “workshop” production of MY DEAH.  Front row:  Lighting and set designer Mark Simpson, my maid John Epperson (the playwright), assistant stage manager Genevieve Ortiz. Second row:  stage manager Kimothy Cruz, Geoffrey Molloy in costume as Mizriz Doctor Reverend Jefferson Davis Jones aka Brooksie, Jay Rogers as Mississippi matron Mignon Mullen, Kevin Townley as Myrna Loy Hedgepeth, Lori Gardner and Todd Butera.  Third row:  Director Mark Waldrop, Nancy Opel and Bryan Batt.

Click here to see more photos from MY DEAH.

Click here to read reviews of the fall 2006 Off Broadway production of MY DEAH.  If I get any photos from the production, I will post them as well.

Before MY DEAH was finished I was off to San Francisco to perform THE PASSION OF THE CRAWFORD at The Empire Plush Room, where I saw Jim Bailey and Charles Pierce onstage in the 1980s.  I enjoyed seeing my name on the marquee --- at last!

Backstage I found this painting of Charles Pierce!

Steve Hasley and yours truly onstage at The Plush Room.

THE PASSION OF THE CRAWFORD will make its Washington D.C. debut in February 2007.  Click here for info and tickets.

While in San Francisco I made a pilgrimage to the house where some of the exteriors of one of my favorite good/bad movies were filmed.  The film is 1969’s “Eye of the Cat” with Michael Sarrazin, Eleanor Parker, Gayle Hunnicutt, adorable Tim Henry (his only film) and a brief, non-speaking appearance by Mark Herron, one of Judy Garland’s husbands, as the hairdresser Belmondo!

Here is the elegant house where Eleanor Parker lives in “Eye of the Cat.”  The San Francisco Bay can be seen in the distance.  The street to the right of the house juts down sharply.  There is a median in that side street with trees and benches for resting.  A lovely spot.

A closer view of the side of the gorgeous house.

In the movie, Gayle Hunnicutt appears in one of these windows.  Eleanor Parker is on the corner in her wheelchair, and sees Hunnicutt in the window.

This is the opposite corner where Parker is in her wheelchair. This more imposing house belongs to authoress Danielle Steele.

The steep side street, down which, of course, Eleanor Parker goes sliding in her wheelchair!  See this movie!

Well, enough of that obsession.

The mannequin company Adele Rootstein had a party celebrating some new designs created in the images of famous fashion models, including Pat Cleveland.

I snapped 70s supermodels Chris Royer and Pat at the party.

And I happened upon this photo of Goddess Joan Collins surrounded by icons made in her own image.

Click here to see more photos from the party.

ANOTHER GAY MOVIE opened this summer, but before that was the premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.  I, Lypsinka, have a couple of scenes in the movie with the great Scott Thompson.

Here’s Michael Carbonaro, one of the stars of the movie (he plays my son), my hideous maid, Jonah Blechman (another actor and also one of the producers) and the writer/director Todd Stephens, at the world premiere in New York City.

Before the screening there was a party.  My awful maid met these two handsome entertainment writers.  Unfortunately, I don’t have their names, but I think they were from Entertainment Weekly and The Hollywood Reporter.

Kevin Townley (from MY DEAH) meets Vinnie Dazzle of The Dazzle Dancers.

Click here to see more photos from the premiere of ANOTHER GAY MOVIE.

You can purchase the DVD of the movie here.



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